Poem from phone scraps

Like most modern poets I type stuff into the texts in my phone (I don’t have a fancy phone I can’t work them) and I have finally got around to finding some of it and while waiting for a friend last night I got two text scraps I wrote on the Isle of Arran and five drafts later produced this:


Gravity and the rain 
Are heavier in our leaving

I will carry with me
The winking of Gatsby’s lighthouse

And the way lone lights drill 
Into the rippling of the bay

Hinting of debris: that smoothed
Pot shard on my window sill

Discarded by incautious sailors
And those blinded by sudden weather

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About Trio

This blog is for the trio of people behind Stirred to express the directions their work is taking. Stirred is a women's poetry night where women and men are encouraged to read pro-women poetry. The thinking behind this night originated with Anna Percy, who hosts the night. Her co-host Rebecca Audra Smith and the designer of posters and general photographer Sara Ellis complete the trio. Anna Percy's poetry is usually concerned with love, loss, losing your mind, the natural world and the surreal. She performs regularly in both Manchester and Norwich. She voluntarily runs workshops and has been a performer of racy feminist poetry for some years. Rebecca Audra Smith is also a regular performer on Manchester's poetry scene. Her poetry is often described as sensual, it's subjects are the depths of our relationship to ourselves and other people. Her work is an introspective look at how people interact with the world. www.beccaaudra.wordpress.com Sara Ellis studies a photography BA and is the designer of Stirred's image and official photographer. Her work utilises elements of street photography while demonstrating a humour and curiosity about our surroundings, both rural and urban, that brings many layers to her images. www.thenorthside.co.uk
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2 Responses to Poem from phone scraps

  1. I really, really loved this. The last line is kind of surprising, in the most brilliant way.

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