Lost Arran Notebook

I found under a wave of paper the notebook I took and filled on the Arran Poetry Adventure this summer and I never posted the poems so here goes. Thank you Thom Gunn for a line I lifted, I may delete it if people think its cheeky, as usual this is pretty much notebook to typed so editing suggestions and criticisms welcome. This was from some freewriting the kicker line was ”the name of the author is the first to go” or so it seems I can;t recall what that was from but I have cut it so no matter. Here is Arran poem numero uno:

the names are never as important as the qualities of things

this is a lesson hard learned

that people’s qualities are not connected with names as such

closer are the secret names given by kith and kin

a sword a cutting word to lay down at will

in a mixed gathering

unspooling years and deleting all intervening time and space

the grown child is stopped dead by a mother’s pet name

or a smaller siblings contraction of what appears on documents

melting moments of the heart these are

almost find yourself forgetting real names find this state

of nonamedness is freer and simpler

less constricting, a looser skin.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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