Another Arran Poem: Directed Poem/Instruction Poem

I seem to remember this one was from a workshop I ran, if you have never done a directed/instruction poem the leader reads out an instruction for each line and in theory you write it as soon as you get the instruction without thinking too deeply about it and create a poem as you go along. I’ll include the instructions I used and as always when I got stuck I threw in a song lyric, see if you can guess where/what it is. As always first draft advice and criticism welcome.


1. Use the name of an animal you have seen today 2. Use an unusual noun colour combo eg: red grass 3. Use a foreign word 4. Use a saying ”stitch in time” etc 5. Use synaesthesia 6. Mention a fruit 7. Use a weather term/word 8. Tell a Lie 9. Use something you heard today noise or word etc. 10. Use a state of water eg: ice, steam, rain, lake etc


I saw a cluster of gulls on a sea weed covered islet

lavender simplicity I felt as the sand slithered into my breaking canvas shoes

Vulpes Vulpes came the cry of my inner eye sea air makes me wild

no time to stitch here a mind could unravel from dropped stitches never thread the needle and sew the numbers back on

I smell like I sound and I’m out of tune

blueberries are an invader but they grow so well you’d never know

the mist obscures by such degrees one fails to miss the trees

I did bring a coat I am not so foolish to think the rain wouldn’t happen

people who lick close to the sea shouldn’thave easily startled dogs that yapp

the sea belongs to no one.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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