DAY THREE NAPOWRIMO: not a sea shanty but sea like.

Day three’s prompt is a sea shanty  I haven;t done that but have done this.


Sea Worthy


I cannot carry my love for you across the ocean

Or the right drugs

Or row unevenly on a boat I have constructed in my living room

Out of sturdy hard backs woven together

with the  useless finery of my piles of silk scarves

The mast of coathangers and the silly candy striped sheet of mine for a sail

The boat I would carry balanced impossibly on the panniers of my clunking racer

to the canals or the Mersey head where the big ships go

Follow them all the way to your continent and

avoid the cost of flights both monetary and environmental

So that I could give you something more than digital

Fool myself I know the old sailors trick of navigating the stars

That I would not get sidetracked by flickering satellites

Adrift, start dismantling the boat for reading material .


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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4 Responses to DAY THREE NAPOWRIMO: not a sea shanty but sea like.

  1. Oh, this is so whimsical…

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  3. Reblogged this on Detritus & Miscellany and commented:
    Well I tried to reblog this before, but something else ended up on my page instead. This is a wonderful poem by a wonderful friend.

  4. I’ve read this several times now and love it more each time. The images are exceptionally vivid in my mind, and I’ve wanted to make a watercolour drawing based on it, partly to use my still new paint set but mainly because the water based medium seems appropriate.

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