Silly title serious poem.. for those that don’t know Drum was my father’s name as in the Drummond in my name shortened not an actual drum. I went with the prompt from day six first and will do my catch up poem later. With the women in the spot light group we left off helium balloons with poems attached and also lanterns that were kind of dangerous not our best idea but funny when we realised we hadn;t actually maimed anyone. As I set my poem off (He Is In The Stars) I felt a letting go. it was a good thing to do today.


Daffs For Drum 6th April 2013


Today everything has felt serendipitous

the beautiful hearted women

helped me float a poem to you

on an apple balloon before the lanterns caught fire

I almost wished my poem to you had smoked

something in the burning, an offering, I liked.


Although you had never run to such rituals

there were discarded tarot cards splayed on a brick wall

and the shock of your gallic pack in your desk drawer

Something occult in mother’s rational home

a decade ago came to me


I have bought you daffodils hundreds of miles

from your subsiding stone with its dove

they stretch out from the neck of an antique bottle

bearing Newcastle, the city near your birthplace.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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One Response to Day six NAPOWRIMO

  1. There is so much richness and power in this poem. It weighs heavy, but not burdensome. Its solemnity is engaging and memorable. I love the way you chose to end it, on a lasting image/tradition. Very beautiful.

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