NAPOWRIMO: I’ve fallen behind but I will try and catch up.

I used one of Jo Bell’s prompts to get back in the swing of things I owe several poems and will try and do extras as they come along but I never end up doing napowrimo strictly for me just writing some poems is the aim! Here are the lovely and talented Jo Bell’s prompts:


Thirteen ways of not writing a poem


  1. Convince yourself that since you haven’t gotten on with form for the first decade of your writing career you can’t now and you don’t have enough time to bend the form to your rhyme resistant will
  2. Come home to no electric from a lying meter and huddle in bed reading by candle light before dropping off poemless again. Blow out the candles far too early for fear of setting alight to your bed like Jo Brand did.
  3. Decide you have already spunked your creative load and anything you write today will be the worst clunking piece of repetitive junk you ever did write.
  4. Find that you want to write a poem about the death of Margaret Thatcher that is not in any dehumanising and get no further than ‘’I was born of the strikes’’ on the bus after you are texted the news.
  5. Think about cracking one of your books about writer’s block or haikubes those lovely little writer’s blocks but tell yourself you should try something new. Forget that you have to write something to get to the part where it feels like no effort at all.
  6. You are frustrated and climate change is on your mind but everyone else seems to write it much than you ever could
  7. There are mountains of washing to be done and a lack of poems seems frivolous when you have no clean knickers
  8. The winter has dragged on so long those familiar burstings into song that it inspires have not been heard by you.
  9. You are trying to find beauty in a city.
  10. You haven’t been reading enough poetry
  11. You can’t write comfortably as your fringe has become so long you resemble a cockatoo and you promised yourself this was the year you’d stop cutting it yourself with the wrong scissors
  12. You bought a glittery plant you have named Ethelred and couldn’t write a funny enough poem about him.
  13. However hard you try and silence that voice that tells your work isn’t good enough that you write ‘’women’s poetry’’ that your voice isn’t original there are days when it squawks at you like a klaxon for looking at your fountain pen. 

About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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