National Poetry Day Cut Up Courtesy of Sarah L Dixon and Brian Patten

Sarah did mini workshops throughout the day the one I was able to attend involved plastic cups with one whole poem in it cut up into lines for us to play with. Is the poem that was cut up into lines in a plastic cup. I actually know the poem so well I could recognise it mushed up in a cup without her telling me which one it was. Its great poem and look him up on youtube his readings are wonderful.

Anyway aside from the first line I tore the strips up and made a short little thing. I also read as best I could outside in Chorlton with no amplification (Sarah L Dixon was told at short notice the readings would be outside) which leads to a side point in that I wish venues would understand what people need in order to read and hear poetry effectively. The poets present did their best to project but when an event is outside next to a road no amplification makes things a little difficult. I missed most of the event as I had to leave for work but Steven Waling and Rosie Lugosi and Neil Fawcett (one of the best projectors there) were excellent and it was great to celebrate a bit of national poetry day with poets.


The night vomits up its secrets

Into his blood, afraid, exhausted

 it clung in it like ants

and never let go again

but he was a rose mask that terrifies you

and the stars his eyes and mouth beyond caring

did not recognise he had lived the nightingales song

its all used up, lovingly, transparent, lyrical


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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