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Poetry this year seems to be gearing up. I will be writing more here hopefully by the end of this weekend as I am attending a workshop My Stirred Partner Becca and Sarah Logan. It is running tomorrow and I have found an enormous notebook with beautiful thick paper I had hidden only a third used by piles of books and papers. It will be focusing on ekphrastic writing (is that a word is it only ekphrasis the act of writing poetry about art?) about the current surreal exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery.

I was recently had a poem on a new poetry tumblr by Claire Trevien (sorry Claire I can’t find the accent) if you have some feminist poetry you felt was too ranty or funny or bloody she wants it. I was so pleased she created such a blog and on a site like tumblr, her aim was to fill tumblr with good feminist poetry. It has rolling submissions currently so give it a go. If like me one of your new year’s resolution was to submit more, do it.

My radio show Page Turner is still happening every Sunday 1-3pm where I talk to a different writer each week about writing news, their influences and their processes. You can hear previous shows here: This week I have Marianne Daniels on who writes fantastic strange poetry and has been working on writing a collection of poems based on the work of a photographer with Steve Garside. You can tweet us live on the show @PageTurnerRadio  don’t be too rude, we don’t want rudery we want poetry.

Stirred is having another event on Monday the 24th March at 7.30pm as usual it is at the lovely Three Minute Theatre on Oldham Street (kooky and possibly the cheapest drinks in the Northern Quarter) come join us we have great young vibrant poets Emma Wooton and Nicole May (of young identity) for our theme of transformations. Open Mic slots available by signing up on the event or on the night. Becca will share her Ovid tales of women transformed by gods, we want all your transformations from gods to bodies to psyches to the environment. Show us your change.

If you have work that is more generally political and/or beat poet like do come down to Beatification run by John G Hall. It’s a great rabble rousing atmosphere sometimes known to end with the rallying cry ”resist much obey less” it is at Fuel Cafe in Withington on Monday the 17th:

One last gratuitous thing, my poetry collection is now available dirt cheap (basically half price) as an ebook from my publisher:

I will go back to my usual posting of scraps of poems and works in progress and talk about how I wrote them I just wanted to post some things I have been doing and let people know about events.






About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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