Napowrimo extra/unnecessary

I weep unexpectedly on this the twenty second anniversary of your death not for the fact of your untimely ,unfair, unplanned for, unavoidable demise, not for the father I was robbed of not of the person I could have become . Not even for the love I have since sought in all the wrong places but for the unjust world I still find myself in. For the fact you would have deplored this state of affairs. For the death of the bees you had not imagined, for the plight of the bats, for the destruction of the rainforest only just thought of in your lifetime.  For the plastic and pollution in the seas, for the melting of the Arctic. I measure these things in your death time,  these shrinkages, these terrors. For the state of the prisons and their reduction of books, for the brain drain generation biding our meagre time on a more meagre minimum wage, those of of us employed, for the state of the hospitals their incipient illnesses,   of the workers fearing and working with no support, for the strange tumble down houses nd crummy flats we all count ourselves lucky to live in that w have so little luck to count on, all the houses fallen into the sea for the inches lost off our coast line. All the floods you could not have accounted for, and that smog that was here for days made a joke and we have shrug it off now like it was a nothing to rib our boiled face prime minister we aren’t sure we will shift because has no one got any inidication of all the small fears that build and build brick and brick ike the sturdy houses they no longer build for us that we all now live in funny little rooms and flats thank what stars we are left we have roofs when they don’t leak like eyes or souls. You would you not have wanted me alone in this damp and cracked wall flat.  You wanted me to be educated and free.  I cry because you wanted a better world for me


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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