Non Prompt Poem Brought to you by Hangover and New Bra Power

Ok so I have had a marvellous weekend of poetry an misbehaving the with powerful lyrical political poetry dynamo Steph Pike, we poeted as a an opener for the wonderful Carol Robson’s show finding me the show is  is by turns informative, amusing and a powerful reminder of our capacity to change ourselves and live the lives we were truly meant to. I mentioned her on the radio show today highlighting the fact she has done all the AMAZING adventurous intellectual things she has done after fifty lives do have second acts. To end that ovely emotion I bring you a slightly odd poem winged to me by hangover and the power of new bra, seriously a life altering bra I strapped it on today and felt ready for anything even writing this kind of poem.


How to be ok With Being in a Human Body

Let your leg hair grow for the first time since you were thirteen

feel how soft you are

stop plucking your eyebrows 

learn to love how they look when you do

work up to it

f**** myopic men let them tell you you are beautiful

start to believe them close your eyes feel their body

imagine how wonderful you feel 

with practise you can f**** men who f**** G Ballard

who take a curatorial interest in the shape of your scars

pore over your pores your wrinkles

who look at you right up close their eyes saucers

who breathe you in deep an when you leave

complain their sheets don’t hold your scent.



About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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