Another Non Prompt Poem Inspired By Manchester Art Gallery

So I have started popping into the late opening of the Manchester Art Gallery with some other writers we do a quick blast of writing usually free writing from an artwork and then the pub. Both bits of this are important. I often feel completely frazzled after work so can find 5-10 minutes of just writing and no talking while looking at art incredibly soothing. This also links to the next Stirred as our theme is mirrors, myself and Becca found two artworks in the impressionist gallery that had mirrors in the event is here:

and the poem which like a lot of mine of late has come out as a prose poem it probably won’t be one later but here is the poem as is which means it was edited down from some free writing with words given as prompts to stick in, I seem to remember Becca accusing me of making up porpoises the book I took the extra words from was very sea focused.

Interior with a lady seated francis cadell

She appears as if reflected. A shadow of enigmatic features only resolving themselves ten feet away as there is a sense of paint unleashed, of the hand being let go, the oils remain unblended. There is a gauzy shimmer, this how your lover looks across a room, an aura, out of focus and holding your attention. This is the world after midnight, this captures what you almost thought you saw at 3am and the light flickered. An almost dream painting with her possible cat porpoisong the sofa like its aware it could be just be her wrap cast off on entering a warm room.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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