Prompt From Day Fourteen Questions

So you may have heard of a nasty little idea called ”women eating on tubes” more and more there is a sense that people can take photos of women and post them without their consent. Obviously these are not quite as vile as upskirt shots but like myself many feminists find the whole thing pretty icky. The ”it’s a joke” defence holds little water with me why is women eating so hilarious? Its because we aren’t supposed to actually eat let alone where other people can see us. Some great feminist had a picnic on the tube in defiance Becca wrote a foundish poem using comments about the site online. It is a reminder that simply to be in the world and act like a fully functional human being can seem like a political act. This poem is not that articulate and I loathe repeated questions in poems but it got written from this prompt:


Are you going to eat that here?

On the bus, on the tube in the street?

Why are women eating on public transport?

why are they not laughing at salads and cheerfully spooning yogurt?

How do they dare admit to hunger and cram sandwiches in?

Don’t they know women’s mouths are obscene and must be closed?

Or a tongue clean as a cat’s stuck out between syrupy lips for no purpose?

We want your mouths open a crack we can wedge open haven’t you see all the pictures?

Don’t they know they are being judged not just for how they look but gluttony?

Haven’t they realised we don’t want to think of them having gullets?

No epiglottis, no digestion in our fantasies can’t they see we want form not function?

The mouth is another hole for our sole consumption must be waiting at all times.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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