First Draft & Other Happenings

Ok so most people who know me know I have a certain way of approaching artistic endeavours basically I say yes and ask questions later.

This has lead me into some frankly loopy enterprises including dashing between Arran and Edinburgh because I said yes to doing several things while on holiday I found all the ways in which a rucksack is not a pillow that week but had fun made amazing contacts and saw great spoken word. Totally worth it.

Last year I wrote a poem about an anonymous perfume for penning perfumes. This year I wrote one about a constellation which was so difficult I very nearly threw my latop out of the window a few times, the editor liked it.

So when Abi of first draft sent a call out for performers for their second birthday I said yes and thought I’d persuade Becca into it.

Those of you who know Stirred will know we are bit like morcambe and wise.

We have been writing and editing each other’s work for a long time now and while there are other people who have edited my work and I take advice from I find our mutual and editing process to be the most simple and we trust each other to make good useful editing suggestions.

We always explain why we think something should be cut (I always think lines and words should be cut) or why this poem is really a non traditional sonnet or should live in couplets (Becca is very good at structure I am not).

basically it was a no brainer for me to ask Becca to partner up for this special event. She took some encouragement I think perhaps she thought what we have is not as interesting as other collaborations would be on the night perhaps we underestimate the work we make together because we have a familiar way of working.

We have recently involved a third with Steph Pike coming in to write poems where three of us write couplets in sequence which proved (I think) the most popular poem of our set and the one we feared would be the most controversial as it references assaults on women.

Abi founder of first draft did for me the most lovely and well put together set of the evening with a muscian they rewrote a murder ballad to include sensible advice on love and both the words and music came together without one over powering the other as collaborations should be.

I hope that is what people think of mine and Becca’s joint poems or the poems which mirror each other.

Go to the next first draft at the almost any art form goes and they encourage work in progress and the atmosphere created by hosts and audience is inclusive and encouraging.

I will end this blog post with a few announcements and the advice to always say yes to projects and work out the details later.

Ok so we have several events this week I am hosting a world book night event at Fab Cafe: from 6pm at Fab Cafe on Thursday there will readings from 7.30pmish

Next up we have a lovely mirror workshop for you to write some mirror poems for our Stirred event on the Monday: Kim By The Sea at five pmish

Finally Stirred is on Monday and we have Andrew Lawson and Shirley May a line up I believe represents the diversity of poets who we have on and support under the Stirred Poetry Umbrella new and established poets are always welcome! We have open mic slots available at Three Minute Theatre Monday from 7.30pm


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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