Poem For Becca At John Ryland’s

Becca read with the wonderful Mebdh McGuckian at the weekend and I wrote this:


I am late and sweating cider the city hall clock announces it surround sound and I realise I have never before heard it peal. I get lost in our city and pass half moon street then finally I hear your familiar tones reverberate down the steps among the bulb flowers and I am so proud and want to tell how when I reached the room there was a woman who sat as in prayer hands clasped who closed her eyes in absolute peace each time you opened a poem and how now you give your words the shape they need hanging them out perfectly spaced in the air.

About Quad

Anna Percy is a mostly nocturnal scribbler based in Manchester. She has been writing and performing poetry around the country for over ten years. Her full length collection is available from Flapjack press http://www.flapjackpress.co.uk/page11.htm She is one of the founder members of Stirred Poetry a Feminist collective for their blog go to: http://www.flapjackpress.co.uk/page11.htm
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  1. beccaaudra says:

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    Sweet thoughts from Anna Percy on the Poets and Players reading.

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