New Poem Advice Gladly Taken

So have been working on a theme of work encompassing desire and feminism. Well it could be argued its one of my consistent ones but its been more obvious of late and here we have this piece. It’s been drafted but once so advice is gratefully received. It started s free writing in workshop so it is in prose poem form for now but I have feeling it would like line breaks perhaps.

On the difficulty of Loving Men

Today is as warm as the last making my head feel heavy and pulpy like a melon I have been wheeling its weight with my feet on the creaking frame of my new old bike, leaning at the table for a quick getaway. My writing companion is suffused with new love I can see it coming from her pores she has found a good man to love and give in return it is helping her ink stretch further. At the next bench a man is loudly saying he ‘s never abused women so why do they act like such cunts when he chats them up he spits this last word and I know a man like this would seek to pluck it from the mouths of women who own their bodies name them as they choose who lovingly roll the word cunt from their tongue to their lovers I am avoiding that whole show and learning my lust is drilling deep in dreams and making innocuous phrases instruments tuned to bawdy I am mocked by my subsconscious and this heat waking roiling in a sheet looking for the naked body I just saw sure I felt a and on my flesh the desire is brambles this heat and deluge summer has grown it large and knotted I am unsure if it would support fruit the raspberry has an orifice it’s a filthy fruit for capping tongues.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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