Poem From Day Fifteen Prompt

Today’s poem was from this prompt where you address part of the poem: http://www.napowrimo.net/day-fifteen/

dear poem last night I dyed my fringe blue I look like a mermaid

but had to don a cling film hairband to do it, have a clean forehead

dear poem I haven’t written about daffodils or death this month

there is still an allocation for both, daffodils have been on time this year

dear poem I am frustrated with wordpress and can’t manipulate your lines

this blog is intolerant of experimental poetry and I have not the skills to combat it

dear poem I only made it out of the house once today and I noticed how light

it was at that late hour and how white and uncrumpled the blossom was

dear poem this spring has come later than last year after a muddled winter

which confused the leaves on the trees the grubby dappled foxes and myself

dear poem I am sad that I have not found a new novel to draw me in so utterly

I wake with the book near my hand and as I open my eyes I return to the page

dear poem you were written with my heavy handed typing on the laptop

not my preferred medium of coloured ink and a fountain pen today was not an ink day

dear poem I am marking the run up to my twenty ninth birthday by dressing like a cartoon

last Saturday I was Minnie mouse in a polka dot dress, two buns for ears and red lipstick

dear poem I am not going to berate you for being frivolous or lacking assonance

this poem is a thunder storm its lightning strike will break the high pressure of doubt

dear poem I will not expect too much you are a first draft I should be kind to you

I will be as kind to you as kind as I am in workshops with others newly formed poems


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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One Response to Poem From Day Fifteen Prompt

  1. Love it Anna.
    I find that
    if I want to break, and to hold it
    a couplet
    or stanza
    I hit the full stop
    . like this (see above)
    and head on down again.

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