Merpeople x 2

Below are two poems written several months apart that I had left languishing in my notebook until now which prove I am really a mermaid.

You are most of my length and rightly admired

Even down to the too narrow ankles

You look dazzling in fishnets you are

Sinuous as a mermaid’s tail

You are a siren call with your thighs

You have been known to entrap men like seaweed

You dance like a wave full of jellyfish

You are the pull of the tide

There are hidden treasures in this deep fishes with no name merpeople and things with so many eyes and whiskery protrusions you cannot count. Some make jewels part of the shells hermit crabs and their ilk are known to scuttle off with a tiara and build a sparking carapace before discarding the whole thing to the depths. The wrecks are subsumed by the merpeople like the hermit crab into their palaces. There are hulking wrecks of steel twisted into beautiful towers and Elizabethan oak bellied vessels form vaulted ceilings. They laugh at the figure heads simulation of merpeople the breasts and lurid paint work amuse them they place them in galleries for them all to laugh. There are not many now who rise up above the surface for long the new ships are too fast submarines gave them a fright until they realised they could not reach their glittering junk palaces. The pressure too great from anything made by man they never seem to reach that depth remain many fathoms above and still debris rains down. They do not distinguish between televisions and diamonds all are precious objects and fashioned into something useful. Twisted by their hands and tails and the depth pressure into stair cases they have no need of windows use portholes as decoration they make tiaras from silver spoons and keys they find watches smashed, stopped some kind of beautiful moon-shaped mystery. There is no sound that you or I would hear they pull percussion from oil drums and feel the vibrations to dance in their aquatic way, make xylophones from the ribs of the bodies of humans decayed by salt water. They have no reverence for our dead they are merely calciferous as coral.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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