Poems From Last Month’s Stirred Poetry

Started a poem not on any of the prompts which I may post later but thought I would use this month to pay some attention to my blog and to that end am adding three poems that came out of last month’s Stirred Poetry workshop themed around the work of poet Audre Lorde reminder that submissions for the zine are still being taken as well details here: https://stirredpoetry.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/call-for-submissions-audre-lorde/ the workshop can be found here: https://stirredpoetry.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/workshop-audre-lorde/


After the line ‘’Out of my Flesh that Hungers and my Mouth That Knows’’ From On a Night of the Full Moon by Audre Lorde

There is anticipation of months of digital impulses transmitting desire the flesh is hungry in my dreams I am gorging on flesh and I wake unsated fretful my mind can depict such accuracies of flesh such completeness of desire in my subsconscious my mouth that knows there is more time to traverse until my lips are taken and are rough with lust the mouth that knows in place of flesh it drinks and the tongue runs on and on when not tasting skin. Out of the flesh there is want there is the staring eye the ravenous appetite for books literary fucking is the best you never had all is sublime fucking in black and white type serifs perfect it all, block out the fumbling of bodies.


After the repeated couplet structure in Hanging Fire


I have been scalded by snow

my face was raw as Caliban

pained and anxious my thoughts

were muddled by hurt and antihistimines

how fragile a self is epidermis thin

it is spring and the wind

is still stealing my breath


How unreadable is the mirror

and the mind my face

was burnt meat in my eyes

my skin is psyche linked

flaring with stress kitchen breakdowns

it is spring and the wind

is still stealing my breath


today my windpipe and

a train reservation conspired

with the weather to

make my cycle journey

arduous crawling I easily

forget how freewheeling happens

it is spring and the wind

is still stealing my breath


After Recreation: A Filthy Ars Poetica

I write of the body my poetry is rooted in my tongue and my cunt my limbs poetry comes out of unspent and spent desire I pour out my lust on note books, bus tickets, torn envelopes it feeds on encounters of the body my body their body the differences in flesh it feeds on flesh I once thought I could never write when cunt struck I have learned to keep the pen moving when in lack of desire and my body feels too untouched to be touched I have learned to touch my own reaches of untouch and lay it bare I have learned to write my desire my unfulfilled desire I am full of words for every state between revulsion of the male gaze and my own leering views poetry of mine does divide my mind and cunt I find my desire is the ink.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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