Napowrimo Day 6

I did use the prompt:


6th April 2016

You were the one who taught me order my own frites and sorbet from a high chair you used to paint whole ducks with spices and this is still my favourite dish.

I have learned to take my steak bloody, I drink green tea, brew it loose in my midnight blue tea pot, I will eat octopus tentacles with glee, on my birthday I will have a kir royale. Mother planted seeds so that your resting place will help make honey.

I can slowly stir mushroom risotto, roast a chicken, slash a lamb leg with garlic and rosemary, know you need more wine for coq au vin, delight in the frying of onions and spices for curries without a recipe.

My kitchen is ill appointed you would recognise the cabinets and the rusted fridge I crack eggs in one movement on the pyrex to make sweetcorn fritters, I probably first did this with you, felt like I had to make something with my own hands for my dinner on this day this dish I have made for over twenty years, I have added cornmeal and chilli.

There is no champagne to toast you as we once did when we who were left behind were less fragmented there is a third of bottle of ginger wine I take it with ice and soda water. In your honour I will learn to cook something wonderful with the lurid tin of harissa paste with the lighthouse I bought on a whim.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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