Stirred A Forest

Stirred last night was wonderful and very leafy. The zine is available online and you can do the writing workshop for free here:

I include two of my poems from the workshop below:

Thetford Forest


May and it is boiling

my partner for orienteering

has the map upside down

insists it is the right way up

as a result we are dead last

later the headmaster has to

find us on his mountain bike

the pine trees are very tall

at their height and concentration

they block out the sun for

large distances we are running

in shadows into clouds of fat

bodied may flies it is too hot

and the map is upside down

I am trying to enjoy being lost

the searing injustice of knowing

the map is upside down is filling

my eleven year old mind

at this age being away from adults

is thrilling we are so supervised

that any time to wander in

places that are green and feel safe

is welcome this day there are

thick clouds of fat bodied mayflies

that I have swallowed and

the map is upside down.





There is the fact that the silver birch

is closer to paper in its natural form

reminder of all the trees decimated


by me in the name of poetry

and maintaining my sanity


I would peel them when I was small

I liked to mark things with my fingernails

open them up touch


I have killed cacti

and chopped down trees

to give reed banks a chance


I have planted trees a handful of times

how it feels to have roots in your palm

not enough


I have no land of my own

to plunge my hands in


I plan a later garden sometimes

the fat leaves of magnolias

their decadence

and the unreal silver birch.







About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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