Napowrimo Day Eight Prompt

The prompt for day was to write a poem where something mysterious or magical occurs I will take any excuse at all to write about mermaids so that is what you got today. The music was Lou Reed’s Transformer whose song I’m so Free on the album has the line ”Do you remember the shape I was in? I had horns and fins” which seems apt.

It was 3am my Sahara mouth rudely woke me I grasped the unicorn printed glass to slake the thirst Quetiapine creates in the night blinking under the uncovered lightbulb achieving an impossible feat in bathroom light: remaining beautiful a mermaid perplexed in the bathtub she had a cake of soap in her hands was testing it like a coin with her sharp teeth I could see her scales were drying out turned on a cold tap the gills on her neck breathed a sigh she splashed and let me take the soap I sat on the side of the bath she looked wide while I glugged from my glass a rarely seen receptacle while whole rocks are unkind to glass I thought on what to offer my unexpected guest as she slurped from the tap where ever she travelled hunger was presumed pondered the fishfingers in my freezer there is no etiquette I know of on what to serve a mermaid who appears in your bathtub I thought of how to get her back to the sea a small tub on a trailer I could pull with my bicycle round here it would pass for hipster antics someone would stop us to ask where she sourced her monofin I left to rattle the cupboards hoping bladderwrack, a fresh haddock, a plate of oysters would appear the splish splosh her tail made stopped I looked in the bath a white shell and nothing more next to the plug hole.


About Quad

The Stirred quad is formed of Rebecca Audra Smith, Anna Percy, Jasmine Chatfield and Lenni Sanders.
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