Day Five as Day Two

Here I am again staying on the equine. At this point I am sticking with the rattling these out in a short space of time. Today’s music was Prince’s Under Cherry Moon. I did the prompt from day two using two voices in this case I and you in two different stanzas.

I want to be held I have taken to sleeping with a pillow in the small of my back twenty minutes after a zopiclone it almost feels like a body leaning in my libido is wakening quick as my hair grows I want to wear all velvet everything be soft to the touch I wear Paul Smith Rose everyday a rose hope undertones of green tea refreshing as the idea of future pleasure

you are bored of men of yourself make art not love you have time and mind for another lover later you wake sticky willowed across the bed in relief most days you have stacks of paperbacks unread cupboards to clear of mice infested objects the hideous 90s lemon mistakes of conical uplighters stuffed in the bin yesterday you think too much about bins for love right now the sun is shining and your legs long for your purple bicycle

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NAPOWRIMO: Day Four as Day 1

Another day another Napowrimo however I have gone for a prompt from day 1 a secret pleasure. As opposed to yesterday’s quick and dirty this is a quick and clean one. Written while listening to Joan Armatrading’s Persona Grata. Prompt is here:


There was a time I shared houses and floated

mouthing along underwater bubbles

to the garish yellow fish shower radio


in the avocado bath in the first flat I lived alone

I grew bold solid walls of a crumbling georgian flat

blotted out thoughts of neighbours


today the Prince purple record player sits

atop the boxes of dog eared sleeves of voices

in the living room door propped


bathroom door flung wide as my arms

when I dance, splash rose scent

wearing a groove into ”Thorn in my side” yelling ”THAT’S ALL YOU EVER WERE”


strictly to warm up my vocal chords

for the stage you understand

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NAPOWRIMO: A late entry!

As I am still waiting for a report to marked for my studies I am going to dip a toe into Napowrimo do it in a quick and dirty fashion. I have found a new a4 blank notebook, cracked its spine, turned up the self titled Garbage album and written this in line with the list poem using potential band names (to make these clear I will write them here in capitals) here is the prompt


open the window blow out the DUST OF SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER

wash your kitchen curtains free of THE FILTH OF YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP

take a risk, clear the clutter of your mind smash the UGLY FLORAL TEACUPS HE BOUGHT YOU

the sun is out take your rubbish and recycling out while wearing THE MOST RIDICULOUS SUNGLASSES

lie in bed when you have nowhere to be drink WHISKY AND CAMOMILE TEA

find new ways to move you body remember you have BEAUTIFUL FEET

smell the flowers left untattered by the late snow in OTHER PEOPLE’S GARDENS


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Flim Jurassic Park

Flim Night is a cabaret event where a film is retold through poetry, short stories, music, video, puppets you name it. I may or may not have a chance to read this later on this evening but I have written my usual sculpted poem from a Roger Ebert review of the film.

Link to the original review here

Poem here:

JURASSIC PARK (1993) Rated PG-13 For Intense Science Fiction Terror 123 minutes

one condition: That he didn’t have to show the shark for the first hour. By slowly building apprehension the shark would be much more impressive when it finally arrived. He was right. I wish he had remembered that lesson delivers on its promise to show us dinosaurs. We see them early and often, they are a triumph of artistry, human characters are a ragtag bunch of half-realized, sketched-in personalities, who exist primarily to scream, utter dire warnings, and outwit the monsters. Basically a good soul, he realizes the error of tampering with nature. the first to be eaten by a dinosaur. It’s as if one of the Three Stooges wandered into the story. an absolutely standard outline consider what could have been. It inspired us to. You left shaken and a little transformed share big dreams. we’re supposed to be grateful. I have the uneasy feeling they’d be attacking Manhattan with death rays. I’m giving it three stars. You want great dinosaurs, you got great dinosaurs. It could have been so much more.

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New Poem

I haven’t added a new poem on here for a while. I have been writing, lots of writing but mainly this is stuff which I would not put on here as it is for another project. I am still running workshops and events with Stirred, including one on the theme of Broken Resolutions last week I add here a poem I wrote in that workshop and the workshop itself if you wish to do it yourself at home. This is very much a workshop draft and of course I was running the workshop so my attention was mainly on making sure attendees got the most out of it!

I do not need love right now

my life is so full of experience and kindness

I have too many books to read the pile falls on my sunflower quilt

I have new year’s resolutions never to make

I have yet to wear the Kermit green PVC mini skirt I bought

I do not need a lover right I can buy batteries in bulk at quality save

and thumping bass lines are available anywhere

I do not need love right now I could kiss anyone at any time

The possibility is enough most days

I do not need love right now I have succulents

I have kept alive for years in my kitchen window

each greening leaf proof of the devotion I am capable of

I do not need love right now I have learned to write poetry without it

I could count up my unfucked days in hours

the number would seem immense and sad

look at my books they are worth more


Stirred Workshop: Broken Resolutions:


Warm up Word Hoard: write down words you associate with New Year and the breaking and making of resolutions.

Free write from a line for five minutes: ‘’ On this first dark day of the year’’ from Requiem for The New Year By Mary Karr

Read The Help I Need Is Not Available Here, write a poem that mentions New Year’s Resoliutions in passing and includes a unit measurement, make your own refrain to repeat like the use of ‘’I need Help’’ used here.

Read On New Year’s Eve write a poem that like this one starts off gilded and celebratory and goes towards breaking resolutions consider the four line stanza structure and use of formal language/unusual words to create an ornate effect

Read New Eyes for The New Year and write a surreal poem focusing on one body part borrow the concept of moving from person to creature via this focus



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Flim Nite Mulholland Drive

Another excellent Flim Nite at Three Minute Theatre where a film is retold by comedy music and art and below is my contribution as usual sculpted/erased from a review by the late great Roger Ebert. Laura Elena Harring as Rita Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher Ann Miller Vincenzo as Coco Lenoix Dan Hedaya as Castiglioni Rita Taggart as Linney James Written and Directed by David Lynch Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller Rated R For Violence, Language. Nudity and Sexuality 146 minutes |  Roger Ebert October 12, 2001   |   18

Now that he’s arrived there I forgive him At last his experiment doesn’t shatter the test tubes. the less sense it makes, the more we can’t stop watching it. So sexy you’d swear this was a 1970s movie, Having told you all of that, I’ve basically explained nothing, nothing leads anywhere, and that’s even before the characters start to fracture and recombine like flesh caught in a kaleidoscope. There is no explanation. There may not even be a mystery There is nothing that is intended to be a waking moment. Like real dreams, it does not explain, does not complete its sequences, lingers over what it finds fascinating, dismisses unpromising plotlines. Doesn’t feel incomplete because it could never be complete–closure is not a goal. Embodying Hollywood archetypes, slinky and voluptuous in clinging gowns, This is a movie to surrender yourself to. If you require logic, see something else, works directly on the emotions, like music. The way you know the movie is over is that it ends. And then you tell a friend, “I saw the weirdest movie last night.” Just like you tell them you had the weirdest dream.

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Day 2 Poem

Today’s was to do a poem in the style of a recipe I have sort of done that. Check out the prompt here:


I make toad in the hole from be-ro cookbook

My step-fahter learned how to make scones from

There are sausages in the fridge and

I am trying to give the kind of sense memory

That can only come from a meal you have eaten

Cooked and known your whole life


I wake Mother from her nap to ask what

A ‘’hot oven’’ means this cook book in

Black and white predates Celsius and gas marks

I set the oven and the ceramic dish with oil

To heat up while I make the batter


less trouble there an egg is always an egg

I worry over my toad that it will not rise

Will come out rubbery and thin

Set the timer set into the oven and wait


It comes out perfectly risen and golden

And he finds it delicious with onions and gravy


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